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Magic Material


Blood Crystal

Darkleaf Cloth




CRANOR (Tree-gold) 
This metal isn't metal at all. Instead, it is specially treated and hardened tree sap. It is most commonly found among elves or forest-based metal-poor cultures. Weapons made of tree-gold tend to be sharper than metal, gaining a masterwork bonus to hit, a small increase in range increment, an increased threat range, and an improved chance to cause a critical hit. As cranor is not a metal, it is immune to rust and electricity. This nonconductive property extends itself to those who wear tree-gold armor. Also, as the material isn't metal, druids may wear any type of armor when it is made from tree-gold. However, cranor also has its drawbacks. As it is merely tree sap, items made from this material tend to be brittle and are more easily broken. Additionally, cranor is vulnerable to sonic attacks. 


Silk, Aranea