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Rune Magic

Born from the powerful Runelords and rune magic, Runestones are magical objects imbued with raw magical energy and then attuned to specific magic properties. Runestones appear as small medalion shaped objects of [recious metal and stoneswith instricate designs and a magical glyph inscribed upon them. magically inscribed symbols found on semi precious stones that will grant (sufficiently prepared) items magical properties. Runestones can be forged into items to add significant powers to them.  These items must already poses a magical nature as mundane items cannot hold teh powers of the runestones. According to sages, when multiple rune stones are compbined into an item they can inmue even more powerful abilities.  These are known as Runic Items and have great power. 

magical Rune Words can be created from several rune stones to create amazing Runic Items with great power.

Besides the fact that these supposedly ancient runes hold great and mystic powers, we know little about them. Who created them or how they are created is unknown. They seem to attract demons of different kinds, as they are often found on their corpses. If the runes are of demonic origin is not known either. They could have been the simple writing language of a race lost in the Devastation, or perhaps a secret language of Demons or Angels. Whatever the origin, they are of great use to heroes. Runes add different properties to shields, armor and weapons. Runes can be combined to form words which empower items even more. 

Rune Masters are scholars you can decipher the properties of the runes.  They can also prepare the runes so that they maybe placed within an item. Crafting a runic item is the same as crafting a magical item. Artificers are also very adept at adding runes to items. 

Runes & Powers

Rune Words

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