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Runes & Powers

Runes can be placed in any item that is magically inherent without the need for forging. The special properties of the ruens make them incredibly adaptable.  The item must have an inherent magical nature in order to be able to contain the power of the rune. When a rune is obtained, one simply places the rune against the magic item.  In a crackling of purple electricity the rune melds within the magic item and its symbol is then displayed upon the item.  Runes can not be removed from an item with out a limited wish or wish spell. So once they are bonded with a magic item it is permanent.  The amount of runes an item can hold are dependent upon the item.  It has been rumored that some items maybe able to contain up to 5 runes at time. In order to benefit from the power the rune confers the item must be held or worn upon the body. The runes themselves do not confer any benefit to an individual.  The magic only works when bonded with another item. Runes are extremely rare and coveted items.  It is almost impossible to find them for sale by merchants.  
Rune of El "Focus"
El allos the users vision to become enhanced so they can determine the weak spots in their target. This rune confers +2 to Att/ Dmg to an item's yielder.  Price: 18,000gp Item Level: 4th Caster Level: 10th

Rune of Eld "the light"
Eld confers the power of the radiant plane within it.  It provides 
+1d6 dmg vs Undead as you become bathed in radiante energy and a +1 radiant energy AC bonus. Price: 25,000gp Item Level: 4th Caster Level: 10th

Rune of Tir "the feeder"
Tire converts life energy to mana. One a target is killed it absorbs its life essence and transfers it to its yielder. 
+5 Mana After Each Kill or regain one of your lowest spell slots. Price: 28,000gp Item Level: 5th Caster Level: 12th

Rune of Nef  "the force"
When you strike an opponent the opponent must make a reflex save DC10+ 1/2 your HD or be pushed back 5'. stun?  Price: 25,000gp Item Level: 4th Caster Level: 10th

Rune of Eth "Mana"
Eth assists spellcasters with teh ability to increase tehir Mana regeneration. The yielder's mana regeneration increases by x2 or they only require 4 hours of rest to regain their spells. Price: 25,000gp Item Level: 4th Caster Level: 10th

Rune of Ith "Power"
+1d4 dmg

Tal "Poisoner"
+1d4 Poison Dmg / +3 Save vs. Posion

Ral "Fire"
Adds 1d6 Fire Damage /Fire Resist 5 

Ort "Storm"
Adds 1d8 Lightning Damage / Lightning Resist 5

Thul "Frostbite"
Adds 3d4 Cold Damage / Cold Resist 5

Amn "The Drinker"
Vampric Touch 

Sol "The radiant"
+2d4 dmg / DR 4 

+2 attk / +2 AC
Dol "the healer"
Fear / Fast Healing 1 

Hel  "infernal luck"
+1 Luck Bonus 

Io "Natures Fortitide"
+1 Con

+ 5 Mana Points/ +1 extra spell slot

Ko "Quickining"Runes
+2 Dex

+2 Str

1st level spell becomes at will

+3Attk/ Dmg vs. Demons / +3 AC vs. Demons

+4 Confirm Critical / +1 to Saves

Prevent Monster Heal / +3 vs Spells

Allows you auto success on use magic device skill

+4 Attk / +5 vs. Poison 

Mana stolen per hit / Fire Resist 10

1.5x damage / Cold Resist 10 

Keen Weapon/ Electric Resist 10 

Hit Blinds Target / +10 Mana Points/+2 spell slots

+1 Point Con Dmg / DR 2

Touch attack / False Life

immune to cold / attacks add cold damage

Timeless body (psionic effect)