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It is said that the Feywilde is a Nightmare dressed in the guise of a daydream. The feywilde is wear nature explodes into life with potent magic. It can be deadly and beautiful, the land itself is alive and the residents of this world are unpredictable, lovely, kind, cruel and melancholy all at once. The world presents with a  bewildering array of life from animals that can speak, immortal beings of magic, and vistas which are breathtaking. 

The Feywilde is a difficult place to reach, and mortal magic can be untrustworthy in providing a means of travel there. Plane shift does not allow travel to the   Feywilde. Gate is the only mortal magic capable of providing a guaranteed link to the   Feywilde, and even then the points at which a gate opens into the   Feywilde are subject to the whims of the rulers of whatever lands the gate leads to

Natural laws rarely last long in the Feywilde, and have a disturbing tendency to vary from region to region, as if someone were slowly tweaking the world’s design—which in many cases is the literal truth. For while constants are hard to come by in the land of the fey, willpower counts for everything, and many of the more powerful residents and artifacts—such as the mysterious rulers known as the Eldest—have the ability to bend and mold the world around them at will. While far from static, the landscapes within these regions can be manipulated only by their masters, making them welcome islands of stability for extraplanar travelers. 

This process of bending the Feywilde around oneself is known as “shaping,” and while only the Eldest are capable of doing it on a grand scale, many residents of the Feywilde engage in it to some extent. Even visitors to the realm might unintentionally find themselves subtly manipulating the landscape and natural laws. A second form of stability comes in the form of randomly occurring singularities. Sailing through the Feywilde like comets, these invisible forces create swaths of stability anywhere from a few feet to hundreds of miles wide, meandering trails in which the natural laws are locked in place.  Whatever the truth may be, the trails seem to have a set length, lasting anywhere from hours to centuries before slowly rolling up behind themselves without a trace. Moving between the Feywilde and the Material Plane is more difficult than traveling between planes. Passing between the conventional cosmology and the Feywilde at will requires magic at least as powerful as gate, but more often travelers seek out portals or breaches. 

The Dreaming