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These tears in reality occur at weak points between the   Feywilde and the Material Plane, places where the fabric of the universe has worn thin to reveal the world behind it. Such breaks sometimes occur naturally, but are often the result of powerful magic straining reality past its breaking point. Here beings from both worlds can move between worlds with impunity. Breaches are dangerous as aspects of the fey wilde blend seamlessly into the material plane. One can be walking in the forest and all of a sudden end up in the feywilde. 

Breaches are frequently identifiable by energy from each world leaking through into the other—in the Feywilde, the area around such a rift crystallizes into the stable breach scars, while on the Material Plane, the area near a breach suddenly blooms with strange life as the fertility of the Feywilde makes a mad rush into new territory. Breaches are short lived and only last maybe a night or a few days.  Those hunting breaches quickly move to try and close them or harness the magics for themselves.
Breaches seem to by pass the hedge.