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The most feared residents of the Feywilde, the Grim are living engines of destruction created by the Elders during a time of internal strife now long forgotten. Horrors beyond mortal conception, these beings are now held as guard dogs by the Elders of the Feywilde, ready to be unleashed upon the Material Plane should its petty mortals infringe too far upon their realm. Known only as fairy tales to most mortals, the Grim are described in the book The Serpents Grim as: "goliaths of war and madness dreamt and stitched into being by the Eldest… terrible to behold, they descend upon those kingdoms that offend their masters, ravaging the land with firestorms and crushing cities underfoot." Though no one beyond the Eldest knows just how many of the Grim still breathe within their hidden barracks, the book mentions several Grim by name, including the Dreaming Hill of the Dark (also known as Thrasfyr, a mountainous mass of hooks, barbs, and iron); the witch-tree Sard, Storm of Insanities; and the infamous Jabberwock.

Reference (See Tane, Pathfinder)