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The Dreaming

The Dreaming is a mystical place for the fey.  It is difficult to describe to mortals. The closest one can come is by comparing it somewhat to the Ethereal plane.  The Dreaming seems to only exist as an adjunct to the feywilde. Though it is connected to it it is not part of it and exists instead around it some say it may connect the hedge and the feywilde together.  The Dreaming is a place where fey exist out of all other planes but still stay somewhat connected to the feywilde itself. Some fey say it is the Overmind. And when a fey enters the Dreaming they are in fact returning to the Overmind. Some say that when fey perish this is where they go. Others say it is where fey go when they dream. Some say it is where The reverie or Fey magic comes from.  Know one knows for sure what the dreaming is however the fey speak of it often and all fey speak of it venerably.