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Time Like all laws and constants, time has less of a foothold in the Feywilde. It progresses faster in some areas and slower in others, sometimes according to the whim of powerful individuals. Creatures may exist right next to each other but in different timestreams, potentially making them invisible to each other (for to a creature as slow as a starfish, does a hummingbird even exist?). While such variances seem strange to outsiders, most Feywilde natives think nothing of the occasional chronological incompatibility, and the most powerful individual in a group or area tends to enforce its own time scheme upon the others. Fortunately for visitors from the Material Plane, their own sense of time—hardcoded into them by their mortality—tends to keep them rooted in their own timestream while in the Feywilde. though time spent in the fey wilde could be longer in the material plane. At times mortals may enter the fey wilde and return years later unchanged. Or they may enter and return hours later and have aged years. 

Seasons, day and night have little meaning in the feywilde. Some of the lands are always engulfed in Twighlight. Some are in perpetual Spring or Autumn.  No matter what time one seems to enter and how long they stay there, time doesn’t seem to advance (although in fact time is unaffected and passes normally—the time of day is merely fixed in place).