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CR 6; Medium Construct; HD 7d10+10; hp 55; Mas –; Init +2; Spd 30ft; Defense 20, touch 18, flat-footed18 (+2 dex, +6 disruption field); BAB +4; Grap +6; Full Atk +6 melee (1d6+2 [drp 0], slam) or +10 ranged (2d10 [drp 2], gauss rifle); Reach 5ft AL: Necron; SQ: self-repair, teleport, disrupt, DR/20; Fort –, Ref +4, Will –; Str 15, Dex 15, Con –, Int 6, Wis 14, Cha 10.

Skills: Listen +13, Spot +13

Feats: Altertness, Point Blank Shot, Double Tap, Necron Wps Proficiency.

Special: Construct Traits: Necrons pass all Will saves they are required to make and are immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease and necromancy effects. Any effect that requires a fort save is harmlessto a Necron. They are not subject to critical hits, energy drain, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain or the effects of massive damage. Unlike other constructs, Necrons are skilled constructs and gain4 skill points per level.

Special: Self-Repair (Ex): The necron repairs hit points at an exceptionally fast rate. They heal a number of hit points a round equal to their hit dice. (So the necron above heals 6 hit points per round). This ability also makes necrons impervious to most types of damage. Necrons can reconstruct or reattach severed body parts. Severed parts that aren’t re-attached phase-out and return to the necron homing pylon to be reused. Self-repair continues to work no matter how low the necron’s hit points drop restoring lost hit points from any damage. The only exception is that weapons which ignore or affect hardness apply those harness modifiers to the self-repair rate. A necron cannot repair damage from a melta-gun for instance. The Necron Lord (see below) has a fast healing rate of 28, but if he is hit by a dark lance or a blaster, he can only heal that damage at a rate of 10 per round (both dark lances and blasters reduce hardness to10). If a weapon ignores 5 points of hardness, it reduces the necron’s capacity to repair damage from that weapon by 5 points per round. The only way to really kill Necrons therefore is to use highly specialized weaponry. Necron that have taken permanent damage can be repaired by a skilled expert. A DC 15 repair check repairs 1d4 hit points.

Special: Teleport (Ex): The necron body is covered with tiny mites that allow teleportation. Any time a Necron is at serious risk he will phase-out and teleport to the nearest necron homing pylon. This could be in the Necron ship, in the Necron tomb or elsewhere. This teleporting can also be used in conjunction with other units such as the Monolith which has an internal pylon to rapidly teleport necrons across the battlefield. Necron lords carry special gear (called a veil of darkness) that is used to teleport to empty areas without homing pylons. All the parts of the necron can teleport in this way. Any severed limbs, dropped gauss rifles or fallen circuitry that was once part of the Necron will phase-out and return to the home pylon if it is not collected and reattached in 10 minutes. These nanites are also in constant communication; all necrons are simultaneously aware of each other within a given detachment of necrons. If one Necron is aware of a particular enemy they all are. They follow the same rules as a Hive Mind(see the Tyranid section) for the purpose of flanking and being caught flat-footed. Furthermore there is a default emergency teleportation algorithm the Necrons use to ensure they can always safely make it home. Whenever a detachment drops to 25% of its original volume the entire army (including all the injured),teleport back to home base.

Special: Disrupt (Ex): All Necrons create a minor disruption field. This causes electronics to malfunction when they are close. Bolt gun bolts are less likely to detonate, flash-lights flicker on and off, power weapons power-down unexpectedly and monitors show static. This disruption field around them provides a bonus force field defense equal to half their hit dice.

Special: Warrior Gear: Gauss Rifle: This is a rapid fire long arm with a range increment of 60ft that deals 2d10 damage and has a damage reduction penetration of 2. The attack deals energy damage and has an exceptionally large critical range of 18-20. It has a ’flaying’ special rule swell. Anytime a gauss rifle scores a critical hit it ignores all hardness.

Special: Targeting System: The necron has a complex targeting system. It confers a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with a gauss rifle, and a +3 master craft bonus for necron design. This lends a total bonus of+4 on all ranged attack rolls made with the gauss rifle. This is included in the statistics above.