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KingMaker Rules


Kingdom Turn & Growing A Kingdom

Rule Adjustments

Magic Items in Settlements
This rule will not be used. If the PC's wish to obtain specific magic items then they maybe able to purchase it from their city at the regular price listed in the CRB.  They may also wish to be able to hire in order to have items crafted at the normal cost found in the CRB. 

Buildings who generate magic items will instead add an addition to Economy.

0.25 economy points per minor magic item
0.5 economy points per medium magic item
2 economy point per major magic item

with rounding down at the end

Deities and Holy Sites

Instead of CathedralsShrines, and Temples providing the same bonuses to Economy, Loyalty, and Stability regardless of that building's religious affiliation, they can instead provide a bonus to an attribute related to the alignment of the god worshiped.

A Temple increases attributes as follows: Chaotic: Loyalty +2; Evil: Economy +2; Good: Loyalty +2; Lawful: Economy +2; Neutral: Stability +2 (apply this twice if the god's alignment is simply Neutral, not Chaotic Neutral or Lawful Neutral). a Cathedral increases these attributes by 4 instead of 2. a Shrine increases one attribute, and only by 1; for example, a lawful good Shrine increases Economy by 1 or Loyalty by 1).

Instead of granting alignment-based bonuses, a religious building may grant bonuses based on the portfolio of its chosen god. For example, a Temple of the goddess of wine may increase Economy and Loyalty (the same attributes as a Tavern) each by 2, and aTemple of the god of greed may increase Economy and Stability (the same attributes as aBlack Market) each by 2. These values replace the building's normal modifiers to Economy, Loyalty, and Stability, and should never provide bonuses greater than the building's normal bonuses (+1 for a Shrine, +4 for a Temple, +8 for a Cathedral).

Trade Edicts

Goods: The trade route transports goods such as weapons and textiles. Count all Guildhalls, Smithies, Shops, Trade Shops, Tanneries  & Foundry* in the starting settlement and divide by 10; a successful goods trade route increases Economy by this amount. You must have at least 1 Guildhall in your settlement.

Luxuries: This trade route carries exotic goods such as art, musical instruments, books, spices, dyes, Alcohol, and magic/ psionic items. Count all Alchemists, Caster's Towers, Exotic Artisans, Herbalists, Luxury Stores, Brewery/ Winery, and Magic/ Psionic Shops in the starting settlement and divide by 5*; a successful luxuries trade route increases Economy by that amount. You must have at least 1 Luxury Store in your settlement.

Raw Materials: This trade route carries common raw materials such as lumber, stone, ore, or metal. a successful raw materials trade route increases Economy by 1 for every 5* MinesQuarries, and/ or Sawmills in the kingdom. You must have at least 1 Foundry in the starting settlement to count Mines.