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Civic Magic

Magic Farms
helps with growth , crop failure, disease and pests

Magic Wells
Detect poison and create water

magic for lighting, cleaning, fire, waste disposal, clean water, and entertainment.

Wizards' guilds may investigate harmful and illegal acts of magic in the city.

the guild is a magic watchdog and protector, investigating abuses of magic, policing what magic items are in the city, and registering spellcasters in the city. Other cities may have a separate civic branch for magical investigation, filling civic courts with case after case of charm person's or scams involving illusion magic. The nature of magic in third edition makes determining cases of maleficium easier to flesh out, but the continued politics of a magical medieval society make distinguishing truth from manipulation difficult. Clerics can speak with the gods and determine what is happening, but that does not remove the problem of an individual caster's credibility. For who really knows if what the caster claims as knowledge received from divine sources is truly such?