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Kingdom Works

Running a kingdom is not easy. These rules will facilitate a rough framework to better represent the functioning and day to day activity of running a kingdom.  

In-between games PC's can choose of several options of Works they would like to accomplish. 

Each PC has 4 Kingdom Points (KP) that they can use to choose between Works. Different Works have different KP costs. Each type of Work also has different Gains available. 

If an individual PC does not have enough KP individualy to perform a work you may contact and ask for assistance from another PC and they can provide a portion of the cost to reach the total. Example: 

Alex: 1 KP to Treasurer Role, 1 KP to Clergy Role, 2 KP to Part of Existing Quest (noble villas) [paying 2/3 cost]

Kade: 1 KP Explore One Hex, 2 KP Establish Trade, 1 KP to noble villas [paying 1/3 cost]

This is not a pool of Kingdom Points, each individual has to allocate their points. That way if two or more PC's want to work together (like above) they have to discuss this between them and then submit to the DM.


As with Kingdom Rounds, Kingdom Works will represent a month of real time and game time play.  Therefore it could be roughly equated that 1 Kingdom Point or (KP) signifies the time of week. This is not an exact figure but a rough estimation for game purposes. 

Allocation & Renewal

The first game in each Real-Time month that the players gather together to game new Kingdom Points will be allocated. During that month the players are responsible for notifying the DM of exactly how they spend their KP.  KP maybe rolled over per DM discretion into another month.  Month in which the players do not game no KP will be allocated.  4 Kingdom Points will be allocated. These can loosely represent the 4 weeks in a month. 

Possible Gains

-Improved Knowledge of hexes and which are worth claiming

-reduced BP cost or extra bonus for specific building/ terrain improvement

-Bonus XP

-Bonus Gold/item

-Bonus to equipment, stats, morale or size of standing army

-Bonus to equipment or stats of standing army/ boon to crafting those specific items

-Generate BP

Works Available


-Hex Exploration  (1KP)

-Building Assessment (2KP)


-Kingdom Duties (1KP)

-Train NPC for Kingdom Role (2KP)


-Patrol  (1KP)

-Train/ Recruit Troops (2KP)

-Improve Supplies (3KP)


-Establish Trade, Tariffs, Contact Foreign Nations (2KP)

-Craft  (2KP)

-Infrastructure (3KP)


-City Beautification (1KP)

-Patronage - Fund artistic endeavor, writing, music, art (2KP)


-Complete part of Existing Quest (3KP)