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NPC Class Recruiting, Training & Advancement

NPC CLass: Theurgist

Representative Class: Wizard

Building Needed for Recruitment: Magic Academy

NPC CLass: Acolyte

Representative Class: Cleric

Building Needed for Recruitment: Temple

NPC CLass: Mentalist

Representative Class: Psion

Building Needed for Recruitment: Psionic Academy

NPC CLass: Ovate

Representative Class: Druid

Building Needed for Recruitment: Henge

NPC CLass: Warrior

Representative Class: Fighter

Building Needed for Recruitment: Barracks

NPC CLass: Expert

Representative Class: Alchemist, Rogue, Bard

Building Needed for Recruitment: Rogue Guild, Black Market, Alchemist Academy, Bardic College

NPC CLass: Hunter

Representative Class: Ranger

Building Needed for Recruitment: Lodge

NPC CLass: Protector

Representative Class: Paladin

Building Needed for Recruitment: Temple

NPC CLass: Ascetic

Representative Class: Monk

Building Needed for Recruitment: Monastary


When the required building is built,  A Leader can attempt a Loyalty check. If successful, 1 NPC Class joins the ranks. BP costs the first month recruitment begins (rounded up). Additionally if using the Kingdom Point System the Leader may spend 2 KP to actively Recruit 1 NPC Class joins the ranks.


Besides battling,  NPC Class can be trained over a period of time resulting in level increase. Each time the NPC  is trained for the specified period it will result in a level increase and therefore a CR increase. Leader can spend 1 KP to train an existing NPC. The Leader must be a class of the representative class in order to brian the NPC. 

When the NPC levels up,  they gain a level in their class, increasing their CR, but also increasing its consumption by 1 for every 2 CR's of the NPC starting at 3rd level. All new NPC's start out as a 1st NPC class. 

The amount of time (weeks) it takes to train NPC's is same as troops. The Leader must spend 1 KP each week, for the designated amount of weeks in order to train NPC's. 


All initial recruits NPC's  are 1st level of their class (CR 1/2). After their first training is completed they gain an additional level in that class(increasing their CR by 1).

This can be repeated for each NPC as often as you would like - but continues to add to the standing cost.


Once an NPC has a CR of 2 or more, they begin to require upkeep of 1BP per month. This represents supplies for the NPC, housing, and salary. If NPC's are organized into an Army (of equivalent CR) then the regular Army cost superseded this one.