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Campaign Setting

This setting borrows heavily from Mage the Awakening (WOD) but offers a different world feel as the historical timeline has verged down a different path. The world is infused with magic and technology plays a second hand role in its development. 

Some Technology has developed however most major advanced rely heavily on steam and electricity rather then fossil fuels. Steam punk is a major flavor of the world as well. Weapons Can range from guns, steam punk weaponry and standard melee weapons such as swords. Transportation technology are automobiles runoff electricity, Steam trains, Steam ships and Zeppelins for flight. With the rise of magick drawing energy away from the rise of technology globally, technical development has suffered somewhat. In modern Europe, the tech level is about that of our World War I. Zepplins are great flying marvels. Trains steam across the continent, and daredevils fly biplanes. Radio is a marvel that makes the world smaller.

Alternate Reality - Present Day 2010

What if the widespread practice and belief in Magic didn't die out in the renaissance? Instead, those hedge wizards, witches, alchemists, and mystics joined with others of their ilk and founded unified mystic traditions. In a time when the world was changing, magic took hold and became more of an institution. 

France , Spain & Germany are the powerhouses of Europe.  France and Spain have been locked in a bitter rivalry for colonization around the world. Both France and Spain have colony cities in the New World known as the Americas. 

In renaissance Europe, the more scholarly magi formed great Hermetic Colleges in cities like Rome and Paris. The codification of magic began. These scholar Magi accepted the support and patronage of the nobility, just as the great artists and musicians did. At first it began with Magi in the courts of European kings, but as time went on, these Magi became part of the royal guards and even the military of nations, particularly France, Italy, Spain and Austro-Hungarian Empire.. 

The government of Spain is still a monarchy. Grown rich from trade around the world. 

The government of France is still a monarchy. Grown rich from trade around the world. 

In France, the Musketeers were overtaken by Mage recruits from the Paris school called the Order of Hermes. These magi specialized in fire and force. They served as both advisors, guards, and shock troops for the French King. Just as with the Pratorian Guard in ancient Rome, it sometimes became hard to tell where the true power did reside. In this reality, the French Revolution never occured. When Louis became too problematic, he died of an "accident" to be replaced my a more agreeable King. The nation takes pride in the fact that the current French King, Reynard VII, is a mage.


ITALY - Holy Roman Empire

In Rome, due to the power and influence of the Catholic Church, most magi eventually came under the control of two religious orders, the church crusader-knights, the Gabrielites, or the mystic-monks, the Celestial Chorus. With actual miracle workers in their camp, the Vatican eventually absorbed all of present-day Italy. Italy is a church state run by the Pope


The Solificati Alchemists, originally from the Roman school, decided not to align with the Catholic church and instead brought superior steel to the German barbarians. Today, these superior machinists are part of the German military and referred to as State Alchemists. The german empire is a powerhouse of steam, electrical and magic technology. 


Scenario One
The wise men and witches of Europe formed a tradition called the Verbena, based around their ancient ways. However, attempted annexation from both the French and Italian schools eventually pushed them back to the wilderness of the British Aisles. It was there that their unrivalled mastery of life magick turned their tide of defeat. Not only did the first, and only, attempted French invasion of Brittain result in 90% casualties, but the survivors carried back a horrible plague that didn't manifest until the next full moon. It wasn't until the French King sent an envoy of peace that the plague could be cured.

Great Brittain has never undertaken an industrial revolution. The population lives in small villages surrounded by dense woods and connected by dirt roads travelled with horse drawn wagons. However, it maintans the highest percentage of magi population per capita. Over 25% of the population has some appititude in life magic. That fact alone allows this nation of nature priests, healers, skilled woodsmen and farmers a peaceful co-existence. In their minds, the height of technology is the hunting rifle. They are widely referred to as elves by Europeans, because of the tendency of the Verbena to adopt elven features as they grow in power.

Scenario Two
During the 1348 Black Death outbreak the Verbana appeared in England healing the sick. Over the years the Verbana gained considerable connections and influence within the ruling monarchy and the government.  The favor ebbed and waned for the next one hundred years until 1450's when a mysterious people appear in the British Isles called the Fae. The old folk of English legend returned to reclaim their lands and so spurned the War of the Roses. For the next 100 years England was embroiled in the civil war with the Fae. When Queen Elizabeth came upon the throne herself brought up in the Verbana tradition she finalized a treaty with the Fae and the great rebuilding of England began.  England focused its efforts inward instead of through colonization and did not become a major player on the world scene.  Today the British Isles are a mysterious and magical place of wonder. Many unusual flora and fauna grow upon the isles seen no were else. The english respect and cohabit the isles peacefully with the fae. Though it appears the fae are disappearing once again. (Essentially the English timeline deviates around the 1450.  Though the England is still renowned for great philosophers and bards such as William Shakespeare there was no industrial revolution or colonization done by England. 





In Russian cities, like St Petersburg, the strong influence of the gypsy mystics is apparent. These travelling mystics are said to have originally come from Egypt, but today can be found as nomadic travellers or in the court of the russian Czars. - colony in Alaska and canada


In North America and Africa, the tribal shaman, with their spirit allies guiding them, began to dream of the gathering of magick in Europe. These "Dreamspeakers" saw the plight of the Verbena, and they knew that eventually the Europeans would come for them. In response to that external threat, the Dreamspeakers created a Congress of the Wise to meet every 4 years to work for peace amongst the various Tribal Nations. When European colonists arrived in the new world, they found a very unified collection of Tribal Nations who would allow them to found trading colonies along the coast, but no expansion was allowed inland. These trade cities collectively became known as the American Trade Cities.

Today, the coasts have a number of Colonial Trade Cities connected by railroad. The Trade Cities, also called the Colonies, each maintain their own small military force and obstensibly follow the laws of their founding countries. However, over the last 500 years, these colonies linked with constant trade have created their own culture. Even in non-political european conversations, the Trade Cities have stopped being referred to as seperate entities and are instead referred to collectively as the colonies.

These colonies share open borders, free trade, a common language (everyone speaks at least a little German), and a legal and judiciary force empowered to settle disputes across borders (The Colonial Rangers).

However, beyond the coast, the land of the Tribal Nations is unspoiled with thick forrests, great plains and herds of buffalo. Some small fixed settlements are scattered through the interior, mostly built around trading posts, but the tribes live largely as they have for 1000s of years. The spirits of the land watch any European incursion, and the closest tribe will come to judge whether they should be allowed to continue into the great unspoiled lands or are turned back.

Much like the lands of the Verbena, the Unspoiled Land, has no trucks or trains. The Tribes trade furs, food, and lumber for modern arms, especially rifles, and other modern luxuries and tools.

In the West, the trade cities of the Spanish, Japanese and Chinese have been allowed a bit more leverage in their expansion into the desert west. Railroads connect the trade cities of Shan Fan and Portland with a network of small settlements throughout the west. In the West, the tribes trade in great herds of horses, cattle, and buffalo.


Aztec Empire

Inca Empire

Mayan Empire





The Turks had a very different reaction to the unification of magick than the Europeans. They purged every mage they could find and often their family and friends along with them. As a result, the Ahi-Batin Tradition become largely secretive and disappeared from history, which isn't hard for a group of magi particularly skilled in the manipulation of space.

Today, the middle east is largely populated with nomadic horse and camel tribes. However, the invention of internal combustion and the discovery of oil has lead to the building of new cities and railroads in the region. While a number of modern tribal rulers pay great sums of money to recruit alchemists or musketeers to the region, it is still considered hostile territory by most magi.


The magi of India call themselves the Seers of Kronos. They are a portion of the priest caste, and they remain isolated, spending their time looking into the future and the past. Their impact on India has been negligable.


From the islands of Japan, to the temples of Tibet, to the Steppes of Russia, monestaries filled with the warrior-monk Akashic Brotherhood have worked at perfecting their minds and bodies since before Europe emerged from the dark ages.

These monks remain isolated or travel amongst the people as they see fit. They are reverred by the people. One is just as likely to see a travelling Akashic defeat a bandit as to see an Akashic fix a broken step or labor in a field. At times, certain Akashics have joined armies while others have fought them.




Three months before the Summer Solstice of 2010, reports started reaching the governments of the various American Trade Cities that the Tribesmen living in the cities were leaving without explanation. Merchants also began reporting that nomadic tribes were absent from their normal locations and trade settlements were deserted. Representatives of the Council of the Wise could not be reached by either conventional or mystical means. Finally a few scattered reports started to reach the cities of travellers seeing 100s of tribes following a massive trail westward.

It didn't take long for a few adventurous souls from the eastern trade cities to start to explore inland and find that no one was there to stop them. The Trade City Governments started to send expeditions inland and found not a single Tribesman.

Then, on the day of the Summer Solstice, THE EVENT happend. Simultaneously across the globe, every practitioner of spirit magick was knocked to ground and assaulted with a vision of a hole ripped in the sky above a desert and millions of Tribesmen walking through it that lasted for weeks. Those spirit practitioners without outside assistance died from the experience. Since then, no form of scrying has been able to find a living Tribesman in North America. More importantly, large portions of the American west are obscured from scrying altogether by distortions caused by leakage from the spirit planes. It's as if a great spiritual storm in brewing over North America incapable of being seen by most.

Governments and Magi across the globe are aware that something happened, although no one really knows what exactly the event was for certain. The general assumption is that the Tribal Nations departed this world for the spirit world. Outside the American Trade Cities, the general population has only heard rumors of some great catastrophy, but the radio stations around the world, at the behest of the governments, have reported it as a massive meteor strike. Most people are pacified with that explanation.

In the American Trade Cities, there is a sense of opportunity mixed with a feeling of sheer terror. There is a great unexplored, undeveloped continent out there stretching 3000 miles with only scattered trading outposts and small towns.Still, everyone in the Trade Cities is painfully aware of the fact that millions of people have suddenly disappeared.

In response, the American Trade Cities have launched a cooperative effort to send teams into the interior and try to determine what has happened. The result is the formation of an exploratory force called the American Exploratory Service, or AES for short. The AES is composed of vollunteers from the trade cities as well as international volunteers. They are tasked with the mission to determine the status of the interior of the continent, report any dangers, search for remaining tribesmen, and report back. Each Colony has also tasked part of their troops to the AES to act in defense of the exploration efforts.

The Colonial Rangers have been asked to expand their normal role to include the unspoiled lands, so now the Rangers frind themselves acting as the magical lawmen / travelling judges / justicars of an untamed continent.