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7 - Magickal Schools

Magickal Schools are organizations (monastic orders, formalized universities, or traditions) that provide training to the gifted in how to use their gifts.  A particular school will be more focused in some areas and less in others based on their paradigm.  As a result, each school will provide certain bonuses and certain penalties to different Spheres as a result of their training.
Akashic Brotherhood - (Mind +2, Life +2, Entropy -2)
This is the monastic martial artist model of teaching throughout China with monestaries in Shan Fan which focuses on perfecting the mind and body.
Gray University - (Life +2, Matter +2, Time -2)
This is the combination military academy / university of the colonies found in the town of Smith's Bluff and run by the Colonial Rangers.
Gypsy Tradition - (+2 Entropy, +2 Time, Mind -2)
Cultural tradition and apprenticeship handed down for generations among the roaming gypsy clans of Europe.  This is also an oral tradition.  It focuses on Fate, Fortune, and Trickery.
The Bardic College - (Life +2, Spirit +2, Matter - 2)
This is the center for the oral tradition of the Druids in Avalon (The Brittish Aisles).  The school focuses on Life and Nature as well as History. 
The Chakravati - (Time +2, Connection +2, Matter -2)
This strange temple complex in the jungle of India is home to the Indian Chakravati Priest Caste focused on prophecy.  This is a monastic tradition focused on ignoring the material world and understanding the nature of time, the future, and the past.
Tribal Nations Council of the Wise - (Spirit +2, Prime +2, Matter -2)
This is the shamanic traditon of both the Tribal Nations as well as the African Tribes.  This oral tradition is primarily focused on the interactions of the spirits with the living.
University of Barcelona -  (Connection +2, Matter +2, Spirit -2)
The University of Barcelona has a strong focus on exploration, mapping, and the building of ships.
University of Berlin - (Matter +2, Forces +2, Life -2)
The University of Berlin focuses on alchemic science and engineering.
University of Paris - (Forces +2, Prime +2, Life -2)
Paris is the City of Lights, and the University of Paris focuses on an understanding of electricity and physics.
University of Rome - (Prime +2, Matter +2 ,Spirit -2)
This is the University of the Catholic Church in Rome and run by the Order of Gabriel.  In addition to defending the faith, the Gabrielites are great artists.
**Self-Taught / College Drop-Out - (+2 with any 2 Spheres and -2 with another)
Occasionally a magus is denied the benefit of formal education despite the immense effort the various Schools put into finding them.  A magus who, for whatever reason, was forced to develop his gifts alone, can choose to focus on any sphere.