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8 - Gnosis

CHOOSE ONE at first level
Gnosis are feats available only to a Mage.  They pertain to the use and augmentation of magick.

Bane Casting (level 4) - +2 save DC on spells directed at one type of creature

Blood Magic (level 4) - +2 spellcasting roll per pint of blood sacrificed - average person has 5 pints
Buff Mastery (level 4) - +5 spellcraft casting buff spells
Curse Magic - increase save DC of nonlethal curse spells by +5
Energy Focus - damage from spells of one type of energy do an additional 1d6
Familier - gain a tiny companion animal that provides a +2 to spellcraft rolls
Occultation (Level 6) - can be taken up to 5 times.  each time taken makes it +5 more difficult to cast connection spells at you
Practiced Quickening - +5 to spellcasting rolls to cast a quickened spell
Rune Scribe - spending one full round scribing runes on a target will give a +5 to casting roll to cast a spell
Sphere Adept - spellcraft +2 when casting for 1 sphere
Sphere Adept, Greater - spellcraft +2 when casting 1 sphere
Sphere Adept, Specialist - spellcraft +2 when casting 1 sphere
Sphere Adept, Expert Specialist - spellcraft +2 when casting 1 sphere
Sphere Adept, Master- spellcraft +2 when casting 1 sphere
Sphere Focus - saves vs spells from one sphere +2 DC
Sphere Focus, Greater - saves vs spells from on sphere +2 DC
Sympathist - can be taken up to 5 times.  each time taken negates one level of occultation
Talismanic Magic - choose a specific object as a talisman.  you are +5 to spellcraft with it and -5 spellcraft without it
Transformative Aspect (level 12) - increase your connection to your affinity sphere - gain appearance alteration - +2 to primary cast stat - +2 to a save - +2 to spellcraft when casting affinity sphere
 Connection WIS REF Blurred, Displaced (no benefit), Parts randomly phasing out
 Entropy CHA WILL elf-like, drow like, or vampiric
 Forces INT REF Gen-like, Elemental traits,
 Life WIS FORT elf-like, animalistic features, or plant features
 Matter INT FORT dwarf-like, gnome-like, mineral traits, steampunk, metallic skin,
 Prime CHA FORT Angelic, Demonic
 Spirit CHA WILL Fae, Otherworldly, Ghostly
 Time INT REF Blurred, Displaced (no benefit), Alternating Age