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9 - Feats Class + Character Sheet (Download)

** A Mage cannot use feats to Purchase Gnosis
 Accurate Attack Reduce damage bonus to increase attack bonus
 All-out Attack Reduce defense bonus to increase attack bonus
 Attack Focus (+) +1 bonus to melee or ranged attack rolls
 Attack Specialization (+) +2 bonus to attack rolls with a specific attack
 Blind-Fight re-roll miss chances from concealment
 Chokehold cause opponent you are grappling to suffocate
 Critical Strike     score critical hits on opponents who are normally immune to crits
 Defensive Attack     Reduce attack bonus to increase Defense bonus
 Defensive Roll (+) each rank provides DR 2, add ranks as a bonus to REF Save on area attacks
 Dodge Focus (+) +1 dodge bonus to Defense
 Elusive Target     Double penalties for ranged attacks against you while you are in melee
 Evasion (+) 2 ranks - Evasion and Improved Evasion
 Fast Overrun Make multiple overrun attempts in one round
 Favored Environment (+) +1 attack or dodge bonus each round in a particular environment
 Favored Opponent (+) +1d6 damage and +1 interaction bonus against one type of opponent
 Grappling Finese use Dex for grapple checks and retain dodge bonus while grappling
 Improved Aim Double normal aiming bonuses
 Improved Block (+) +2 on attack rolls to block
 Improved Critical (+) Threaten a critical hit on 19-20 with a particular attack
 Imrpoved Defense (+) +6 dodge bonus from the total defense action or +8 with the second rank
 Improved Disarm (+) +2 bonus on attack rolls to disarm
 Improved Grab start a grapple check as a free action after successful melee attack
 Improved Grapple make grapple checks with only one hand
 Improved Initiative (+) +4 bonus on intiative checks per rank
 Improved Overrun +4 bonus on trip checks while overrunning, opponents cannot avoid you
 Improved Pin -4 penalty on grappling checks against you to escape
 Improved Sunder     +4 bonus on attack rolls to hit an object
 Improved Throw opponent uses lesser of STR or DEX to defend against Trip attacks
 Improved Trip +4 bonus on trip checks, opponent does not get to trip you
 Move-By Action move both before and after a standard action (does not increase move speed)
 Power Attack Reduce attack bonus to increase damage bonus
 Precise Shot (+) no penalty for shooting or throwing into melee - second rank ignores penalties for anything other than total cover or total concealment
 Prone Fighting no penalty for fighting while Prone
 Quick Draw(+) Draw / Ready / Reload a weapon as a free action - second rank allows to draw and reload as the same free action
 Rage gain bonus to +4 STR, +2 FORT SAVE, +2 WILL SAVE w/ -2 penalty to Defense
 Ranged Pin     make grapple checks with ranged weapons
 Redirect Trick opponent into hitting someone else
 Set-up Transfer benefit of a combat bonus to an ally
 Sneak Attack (+) +1d6 damage when you suprise attack an opponent - max +10d6
 Stunning Attack choose to have unarmed do no damage - instead a DC 10 + damage Fort Save failure by 4 or less is dazed one round, fail by 5-9 stunned one round, 10 or more unconscious
 Takedown Attack (+) Gain a bonus attack when you take down an opponent
 Throwing Mastery (+) +1d6 damage with thrown weapons
 Uncanny Dodge (+) Retain dodge while flat-footed
 Weapon Bind Follow a successful melee block with a free disarm attempt
 Weapon Break Follow a successful melee block with a free sunder attempt
 Ambidexterity eliminate off-hand penalties
 Assesment know a subjects relative offensive and defensive ability
 Benefit(+) gain some minor but significant benefit
 Diehard automatically stabilize when dying
 Eidetic Memory +4 bonus to resist memory alteration, use knowledge skills untrained, remember everything
 Endurance (+) +4 bonus on checks involving endurance or stamina
 Environmental Adaptation suffer no move, action penalties from a particular environment (not life support)
 Fearless Immune to fear effects
 Fearsome Presence (+) fear others WILL SAVE DC 10+Rank  failure by 4 or less is shaken one round, fail by 5-9 subject flees, 10 or more panics / drops items / flees
 Instant Up     stand as a free action
 Interpose trade places with adjacent ally who is subject to attack
 Master Plan Plan in advance make DC 10 INT check if successful allies gain bonus to attack and skills +1 for 10-14, +2 for 15-24, +3 for 25 and up
 Minions (+) you have a follower or followers
 Quick Change (+) change into or out of costume as free action, rank 2 change into any outfit
 Second Chance (+) get a second chance to save against a particular hazard (falling, tripped, mind control, fire blasts, etc)
 Sidekick (+) you have a sidekick
 Teamwork (+) +1 bonus to aid actions - max 3
 Trance go into a deathlike trance that slows breathing
 Acrobatic Bluff feint and trick using acrobatics instead of bluff
 Animal Empathy use handle animal to affect the attitude of the animal
 Attractive (+) +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy with people affected by your looks
 Connected make a diplomacy check to call in favors or aid
 Contacts make gather information checks faster
 Distract (+) make bluff or intimidate check to daze opponent for one round
 Fascinate (+) hold subjects attention with interaction skill - additional ranks apply different interaction skills
 Hide in Plain Sight you don't need cover or concealment to hide
 Improvised Tools no penalty for not having the tools of your skill
 Jack of all Trades use any skill untrained
 Skill Mastery (+) choose 4 skills that you can take 10 with even when under pressure
 Startle feint using intimidate rather than bluff
 Taunt demoralize using bluff rather than intimidate
 Track use Survival to track
 Well-Informed make an immediate gather information check when meeting someone