Automail is a steam-punk-esque mechanical prosthetic replacement for a hand, foot, arm or leg.  The technology was pioneered by the Catholic Church due to their "issues" with life magcik.  The crafting of the automail limbs requires magick, but can be done without life magick if their is a very skilled surgeon available.
 Part Hardness Hitpoints 
 Hand 5 5 
 Arm 5 10 
 Foot 5 5 
 Leg 5 10 
 Defense equal to 9+wearer's dex bonus+wearer's class bonus or protective spell protection
Craft Check
Craft (mechanical) 30
Craft (electrical) 20
Crafting Time
600 Hours by hand or a Matter 4 Spell (DC 20) with the compenent materials supplied.
Mechanical Enhancement
The finished machinery must be ehanced with a permananet Matter 2 Spell (DC 30 or More) to make the mechanisms efficient enough to work.  Any raises on this roll can be used to increase the hardness of the automail by 5 for each raise.  If the Magus can cast a permanent Matter 5 Spell (DC 50 or more) instead of the spell above, the automail can be made self-repairing. 
Bonding Procedure
Bonding Automail to a patient requires a spell (Life 4/Matter 4) (DC 25) to tie the nerves into the electro-mechanical system or a Heall Check 35 with a Matter 4 spell.  As this is a very advanced form of moulding, it is a permanent effect by default.