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Quintessence is a unit of pure magickal energy.  Quintessence pools inside Magi, the intersection of Ley Lines, called Crays, and to a small extent inside objects and living creatures.
A magus can store a certain amount of magickal energy inside themselves.
(A magus can store 1 quintessence in their aura per level)
Regaining Quintessence:
1) a Magus regains 1 Quintessence every time he sleeps
2) a Magus meditating at a Cray, can restore 1 Quintessence for every 5pts on a spellcraft roll after 1 hour of meditation once per day
3) a Magus skilled in Prime has a number of other options for regaining Quintessence, see Prime
Spending Quintessence:
A magus may spend up to a number of Quintessence as detailed below
LEVELS 1-4         1 per round
LEVELS 5-8        2 per round
LEVELS 9-12        3 per round
LEVELS 13-16        4 per round
LEVELS 17-20        5 per round
The Effects of Spending Quintessence:
Quintessence can be spent in a number of ways to aid the magus.  Use of Quintessence must be declared before any rolls are made.
INCREASE SPELLCRAFT RESULT - each Quintessence spent adds +5 to the spellcraft roll