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When making a spellcraft roll to cast a spell, each full 5 points by which the roll exceeds the necessary DC to cast is called a raise.
(need a 15 to cast the spell - roll 24 = 1 raise)
Each raise allows the betterment of the main focus of the spell, some examples:

Raises (every full +5 over DC) either:

- save DC +2

- damage + 1d6

- extra target

- extra duration factor

- extra +1 to a buff

- extra 10ft to a radius

- larger size catagory of object


Example, Johnny Firepants (level 10) casts a Fireball spell (forces 4) DC 20 - spellcraft roll of 32 = 2 raises.  Johnny's normal damage would be 1d6/per level so 10d6.  Since this is a damage spell, his two raises go into increasing damage - instead of a 10d6 fireball, Johnny throws a 12d6 fireball.  Alternately, Johnny could have used the raises to boost the area of effect to deal out a fireball that did 10d6 to everyone within a 40ft radius.