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Sample Rotes:

Connection 1 - Witch's Sense
At this level, a magus can sense nearby things in all directions; discern the four corners without using the sun or a chart; guess the distance between two points or objects; or spot warps.

360 degree vision, detect scrying

Connection 2 - Distant Vision / Wayfarer's Touch
The sorcerer may now send any of her five senses across a distance, pull small objects (cat-sized or smaller) through tiny portals, or thicken space to hinder scrying. All of these workings leave traces that another magus can detect with connection 1.

Affect distant object, scrying, ward against scrying

Connection 3 - Open and Close Gates/ Sight of Many Eyes/ Distant Hand
With this level of skill, the magus may step across great distances, or prevent others from doing the same. This difficult feat opens a gate just large enough for a single person, person-sized object, or several smaller ones, to enter. The caster can also, if he wishes, see several places at once. Each new landscape blends over the others creating a ghostly image of overlapping vistas. Working other spheres into the spell, the mage could slide things around at a distance, levitate people from afar, or drop a fireball into the courtyard of an enemy castle. Any spell used to effect a target at a distance leaves a connection open for one round that an enemy mage can strike bach through.


Connection 4 - Rend Space / The Dancing Shadows
A truly accomplished wizard can open gates allowing large groups or large objects to pass through. It's even possible for a permanent gate to be opened. Also, by shifting into several places at once, the magus might appear as as dancing shadows of himself.

Open Gateway between 2 points,

Connection 5 - Bending the Landscape / Castle on Many Hills
By compressing the connections between places and things, the magus may stretch, shrink or otherwise distort her subjects. Mass remains the same, but proportions become like butter in his hands. A magus could even overlap several places into a single space.

Be in Multiple Locations at One Time, Never Ending Hallway, Pocket Space Bubble, Entrapment