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Sample Rotes:

Forces 1 - The Elemental Eye
A wizard blessed with this power may sense the currents of elemental forces - fire, lightning, cold, force, sound. He can also see in the dark, and hear things outside the normal audio range by amplifying sound or hearing radio.

Darkvision, Hear Radio, Solid Impact (Touch Attack)

Forces 2 - Prometheus' Gift
Now the magus can handle the things he could only see before. He cannont actually conjure such elements yet, but he may manipulate existing forces to a limited degree. Successful enchantments could direct footfalls to a different place, silence a room, change an objects color, muffle speech, or cause flame to flare or fade. the magus could raise a mirage, wrap himself in shadows or speak with the voice of a god. Large forces, anything beyond a wind or a bonfire, are beyond this rank.

Levitation, Flying, Kinetic Blow (ranged touch attack), Invisibility, direct existing fire, slow/speed velocity, Telekinesis, physical illusion, Kinetic Shield (self shielding), Haste Self, Speak to Radio

Forces 3 - The Dragon's Touch
By communig with the elements, our mage may now conjure elements from nothing, creating breezes, flame, or other spontaneous phenomena. She can also transform one force into another - fire may be transformed into sound, darkness could be transformed into light, etc.

lightning bolts, force blasts, conjure fire, kinetic shield (shield other), Hold (Hold Other)

Forces 4 - Jove's Favor
Large workings become possible. Our magus could ignite a grove, melt a glacier, or lower the temperature in a room to freezing.

Fireball, Area Force Effects, Weather Manipulation, Immolation (Single Save or Die), Wall of Force, Dome of Force, Bonds of Force (Area Hold Spell), Haste Mass,

Forces 5 - Master or Tempests
At this level, the Magister of Forces conjures storms, snaps trees, shakes mountains, and can cause the earth to quake.

Gravity, Sunlight, EMP, Implosion (Area Save or Die)