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American Exploratory Service

The American Exploratory Service, or AES for short, is an organization composed of companies of the various colonial militaries with vollunteers from the trade cities as well as Europe and Asia folded in. They are tasked with the mission to determine the status of the interior of the continent, report any dangers, search for remaining tribesmen, and report back.

Organization Structure





Majors are key administrative officials or division leaders reporting up to Lt. Colonels, Colonels, or as the Commander's staff.
Lt. Colonel 
 Tobias "Toby" Hall  New Amsterdam 
 John Webster  Pershing 
 Balthazar Little Russian Bear Savannah Entropy
 Sung Thunder Miami 
 Dalton Forrester Huckster New Orleans 
 Sydney Cole  Houston 
 Patrick O'Rourke Shotgun Shan Fan 
 Elliot Brooks  Portland 
 Darius Hunt Dynamite Foothill Ranch Matter


Ranger Colonels are officers that coordinate the efforts of the Rangers in entire regions. There are currently 4 - one for the northeast, one for the southeast, one for the west, and one who runs the Ranger Academy.  Each one has a highly modified train that serves as a mobile command, called a Wanderer. 
 Moira KeatsFirebrand NorthEast New Amsterdam, Pershing, Savannah Forces
 Orville Laughingcrow Dark Eyes SouthEast Miami, New Orleans, Houston Spirit, Prime
 Gage Rhodes Lone Wolf West Shan Fan, Portland, Foothill Ranch Life, Matter
 Dr. Palmer Young  Gray University All Training & Recruitment Time, Connection
 Ernest "Ernie" York The original apprentice of Christian Gray, and the second Ranger. Responsible for growing and organizing the Rangers. Forces, Mind, Life