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Order of Gabriel

The Order of Gabiel is the mystic sect of the Catholic Church.  All magi in Italy are required to join the Order and become Gabrielites.  These Magi trained at the University of Rome are an unusual mix representing two very different aspects of Church history.  Gabrielites can be devoted Crusader-Knights defending the faithful, or a Gabrielite can be a talented mystical artisan creating great works for the Glory.  It's small wonder that Rome and Venice are two of the most breath-taking cities in the world.  Many a Crusader-Knight also has an artistic bent, frequently forging a signature weapon that is a work of art...and heavily enchanted.
The Artists usually remain in Italy, but the Crusader-Knights can be found almost anywhere, except for Avalon (The Brittish Aisles).  The Verbena and the Gabrielites have never let loose of their ancient animosity.  The Tribal Nations pity Gabrielites for being lost souls.
Prohibition Against Spirit and Life Magick
Despite their pre-occupation with the Divine, Gabrielites are disinclined to practice Spirit Sphere, with the exception of the random Exorcist.  The official Church Doctrine is that God is beyond man's reach and that the Spirit Realms are the home to demons (spirits). 
Further, officially, Life Magick is heretical in that man should not usurp the works of God.  However, Gabrielites, with military efficiency, are more than happy to use a covert Life 2 spell to heal themselves, while still preaching against the misguided ways of the Verbena. Greater Life effects though are generally discouraged.  As a result, a Crusader-Knight who looses a hand, arm, leg or foot is much more likely to have it replaced with Artisan made automail than to have it regrown.
In the Colonies
Every French or Spanish Colony has a Church presence.  Invariably, there will be some Gabrielites about.  A Gabrielite is hard to miss, as they have a tendency to roam about in full gothic platemail enhanced by the Matter Sphere, and possibly the Prime Sphere, with a large sword to match.