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Entropy/ Fate

Sample Rotes:
Entropy 1 - Prophet's Vision
With a glance, an apprentice may spot the currents of fate - weak points, curses, blessings, or the general flow of odds.  He could predict the throw of a dice, find an old wound, or notice a rotting floorboard.  These insights aren't precise, but they are reliable enough to use as guideposts for future actions.
predict coin flip/dice roll, forensic vision,
Entropy 2 - Fortune's Caress
Now the apprectice stops watching and starts turning.  With a bit of effort, he could affect the throw of dice, hit the old wold with a random punch or guide someone to step on the floorboard.  The command is subtle, not overt - events must be in motion before the magus casts his spell.  Even so, a clever sorcerer can stack the odds in his favor with a few minor enchantments. 
dim mok (touch attack), Luck Self (+4 to all rolls), manipulate game of chance, Fool's Luck Self (+4 dodge bonus to AC), reroll a save/attack/skill check, etc.
Entropy 3 - Devil's Touch
By fixing the fate of an inanimate object, our magus could wear away stone or break a crossbow.  Conversely, by suspending decay, making objects last longer.  Brittle or sophisticated objects are easy to fix or break.
Damage Object
Entropy 4 - Blessing / Curse
Now the entropic sorcerer learns to directly help or harm the living or undead.  At this stage, the magus could inflict damage, weave a blessing, curse, or oath around a person or beast.
Bestow Curse (-4 to all rolls), Decay the Body (Ranged Attack body and objects), Fool's Luck Other (+4 Dodge Bonus to AC),
Disintegrate (single save or die), oaths (bestows and oath on a person.  a curse happens if an oath is broken until person continues to try and fufill oath), Breathe of Decay (Area Damage body and objects), Fool's Luck Mass (+4 Dodge Bonus to AC),
Entropy 5 - Devil's Advocate
The most esoteric levels of entropy allow the magus to affect ideas.  Certain ideas randomly take hold or are discarded.  To use this magick, the magus must address his target.
Wind of Decay (area save or die body and objects), geas,