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Sample Rotes:
Life 1 - Healer's Intuition
With a practiced eye, the witch can discern the age, health, sex, presence, and any flaws in nearby living things.
Detect Life, Medical Scan, Diagnose, Critical Strike (Touch Attack)
Life 2 - Transform Simple Creatures and Plants / Heal Self
Plants, Insects, and other invertebrates can be reweaved, giving a crab new legs or a tree new branches.  The magus also learns to heal her own wounds and illnesses, to slow her own aging, fix minor imperfections, change hair color, etc.
Natural Armor Self, Cure Disease Self, Regen Self, Adapt to Environment Self,
Life 3 - Adaptation / Heal or Harm Others / Minor Godhand (Simple Creatures)
Now the witch learns to adapt her own body, creating claws, gills or whatever other changes are desired.  Though she remains human, her appearance and structure are her decision.  She also learns to heal others as she healed herself or harm others. Taking Divinity in Hand, the Magus can create or alter simple creatures as she wishes. Trees may be turned inside out.  Grain can be transformed into flowers.  An apple can become poisonous.
Natural Armor Other, Cure Disease Other, Heal Other, Regen Other, Adapt to Environment Other, Increase Stats Self, Cause Disease Other, Harm Other (ranged damage living only), modify self (change appearance, extra arms, third eye, etc)
Life 4 - Beastform / Transform Greater Creatures
Self-Mastery allows the magus to transform into animal forms of her approximate size and mass; she could, therefore, become a deer, but not an elephant.  If the beast possesses powers like flight or water-breathing, those abilities are granted.  Greater creatures - lions, dragons, men - now become clay in the witch's hands.  A dog could grow wings, or a man could become a woman. 
Natural Armor Mass, Cure Disease Mass, Heal Mass, Regen Mass, Adapt to Environment Mass,Shapeshift Self, Increase Stats Other, Cause Disease Mass, Rot Body (Death Spell /Single Save or Die living only), modify other
Life 5 - Perfect Metamorphosis / Greater Godhand (Greater Creatures)
Any shape our witch wants to assume becomes her's (a butterfly, a griffon, etc).  The only limits are her luck and skill; all skills, spells, and sentience follow her.  More importantly, our magus learns to create greater beings from nother or alter them as she sees fit.  An ant becomes a man, a boy becomes a dog.
Perfect Shapeshift Self, Shapeshift Other, Duplicate Body, Create Body, Increase Stats Mass, Quiet Life (Death Spell /Area Save or Die living only), modify mass