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Matter 1 - Shaper's Glance
Like a fine artisan, the apprentice learns to recognize structures and materials both hidden and plain - secrect drawers can be spotted, materials analyzed, and weak spots and imperfections spotted.
Breaking Strike (touch attack objects only),
Matter 2 - Simple Transmutation
An object can be transformed from one substance to another without changing it's basic shape or nature (solid to solid, gas to gas, lead to gold, air to poison gas, water to acid).  Simple objects can also be conjured (water, food, air, a simple sword, bullets - no machines)
Armor of Air Self (bonus to AC +4)
Matter 3 - Craftsman's Touch
Objects can now be transformed into different types (liquid to solid, solid to gas, etc) as well as altering the mass, structure, and dimensions.  Even simple machines can be created. If a mage is sculpting a material into a different shape, the object moves like water to assume its new shape or metal can be molded like clay by hand.
armor of air other, conjure object, harden or perfect an object, permanently break or mend items, dig tunnels, craft permanent simple items from their component materials.
Matter 4 - Complex Transmutation
Conjure complex machines (cars, motorcycles, guns), craft rare or strange materials (gold to orichulum, silver to lunargent), craft permanent complex items from their component materials.
armor of air mass,
Matter 5 - Atomi Manipulation
This level of manipulation allows the magus to rework matter into strange, unnatural forms,  Density, weight, boiling points, and friction may be altered, creating paper-thin armor, bullets that slide through steel plate, and gas that is never consumed.  Two materials can be treated so as not to interact with one another at all, enchanting water that flows through stone or a sword that passes through steel.  Machines can be made so perfectly that they repair themselves.