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Mind 1 - The Third Eye / Maze of Perfect Calm
By opening the inner eye, the willworker expands his perceptions to extraordinary lengths.  With a successful roll, he can sense strong emotions, whether they are attached to a person, place, or thing.  Early n his training, the magus also learns to shield his mind from unwanted distractions.  A successful roll raises a maze or a wall to block out such intrusions.  At the same time, he gains enough self-control to think about several things at once.
Basic Mind Shield ( Buff) 1 min/lvl - Increase attempting Caster's spellcraft DC by 5 to effect the magus' mind
Mind 2 - Reading the Bamboo Mat / Emotional Pulse
Like a pattern of reeds, the thoughts of other's become clear.  The magus opens himself to emotions and can scan whole thoughts from unshielded minds.  With effort, he can also send brief but powerful impressions - one word messages like "Help!" - or subtle emotions like sadness and joy.  If another mind magus joins in, they can drop their shields and read each other's minds.  The magus shields reach new power now;  the magus could disguise his aura, or erect a facade of misleading impressions to fool other magicians.
Mind 3 - Mental Bridge / Illusions / Walk Among Dreams
Now the magus can reach into another person's mind.  By sending complex impressions, the willworker can trick his victem's senses, speak in his mind, or turn his emotions against him.  A similar enchantment allows the magus to enter his subject's dreams, or visit The Dreaming, leaving his sleeping body behind.  Either option requires concentration and leaves the willworker open to attack.
Mind 4 - Soul-Stealing / Astral Travel
With dreadful enchantments, the magus not takes over another person's body and mind.  He movers her body; his thoughts drive hers away.  With "gentler" magicks, he could infiltrate her psyche, bringing on insanity or altering her memories.  the victim may recover once the spell wears off, but her mind and reputation may be ruined by then.  On a kinder note, the magus may rise from his meditating body and skim across the astral plane for a short time.
Mind 5 - New Soul / The Jade Lotus / Untether
Dark secrets allow a magus to invade a person's soul - or to conjure a new one.    With psychic surgery, the wizard reworks his victim's personality, nature, and memories, making her his creation.  The Jade Lotus refers to forging new minds.  A master may create true conscious thought in a mindless body, switch existing minds back and forth between "hosts" or increase an existing mind to genius proportions.  By releasing his mind from his body, the master might also soar into the astral reaches for weeks at a time.