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Prime 1 - Traces / Restoration
The apprentice becomes extremely aware of the flow of quintessence, being able to detect nodes, tass, spells, and enchanted items.  Use of this rank also allows the identification of enchanted items.
Prime 2 - Aegis
At this level, the magus can shield themselves from being cast upon by other magi. By errecting a magick shield around themselves, all spells that are meant to effect the magus directly must have been cast with a spellcraft roll above the shield rating or have no effect on the magus whatsoever. 
(The base shield rating is 5 and increases 5 each step and lasts for 1 min/lvl)
Prime based Magick Shielding works like SR.
Ranger Smith casts a magick shield over himself (DC 10) paying for 4 raises at the cast (+20 DC) and gets a magic shield rated 25, he rolls a 32 spellcraft and successfully casts the spell - when Johnny Fireball tries to cause the ranger to combust (Forces 4) (Save or Die) and rolls a spellcraft DC or 22, the spell gets cast, but has no effect on the good Ranger.)
With this secret of prime, the magus may "charge" their hands, bullets, or sword with raw magickal energy, allowing those weapons to harm spirits, immaterial mages, and other tricky varmits.
Prime 3 - Illusion / Phantasmal Object / Channel Quintessense / Create Tass
At this level the magus can create solid illusions / phantasmal objects from raw magic.  For example, a ball of fire created from prime would do 1d6/level just like a normal fire, however, DR fire would do nothing to diminish it.  Further, if the mage wishes to externally store quintessence, they can create a phantasmal object to hold the Quintessence, called Tass.
The magus may cast a simple spell and pull quintessence from a Cray as if they had meditated an hour.  The magus may also drain charges from an unattended magic item.  The base effect is to drain 1 charge with an additional charge per each raise. These charges canrestore the magus stored quintessence, be channeled into tass, or be channelled to recharge a magic item. 
Prime 4 - Forge / Phantasmal Soldier / Drain the Pattern
At this level, the magus can permanently enchant an item with one of the sphere effects he knows.  (See Magic Creation rules below). 
Also, at this level, the magus has grown beyond simple creating solid illusionary objects from raw magic, the magus can now create phantasmal people or simple machines.  Without the Mind sphere, these phantom people are merely puppets on strings. 
The magus may now drain the magic from another magus spell.  (Base effect is to lower one factor of a spell (effect, damage, duration) by one step)
Prime 5 - Lands of Magic / Draft of Essence
At this level, the master can caft areas abundant in magick (lowering the spellcraft difficulties by base 5pts to cast spells in this base 20ft area for base 1 rnd/level) or create a dead magic zone (increasing the spellcraft difficulties by base 5pts to cast spells in this base 20ft area for base 1 rnd/level)
Draft of Essence, a magus can now drain the Quintessence from another magus.The magus can drain 1 quintessense per/level from the subject.  The subject makes a saving throw for every quintessence to resist loosing that quintessence.
Item creation should not be confused with item enhancement.  Item enhancement is when a magus uses Matter 3+ to create a permanently sharper sword or a screwdriver so perfectly balanced that it nearly turns itself.  Item creation is the ability of a prime magus to literally create items that are capable of generating or casting magickal effects.
 magickal item creation requires rare natural (non-conjured) materials that pertain to the magickal effect to be imbued.  For example, a staff of lightning would require wood from a tree split by lightning, an anti-magick sword probably requires either the bones of a prime magus or a rare magickal material like orichulum (true gold distilled and purified from a greater quantity of normal gold by a matter mage), Bonus to spellcraft creation DC will be given for really rare materials.
the creation of a magickal item requires a tremendous amount of Quintessence.  The Quintessence required is 5 x spellcraft DC creation roll
The creation of magickal items requires one 8-hour day for every point on the required spellcraft DC creation roll
The spellcraft DC creation roll is calculated by adding the following
a) The DC of the effect to be cast (just like casting the spell) must be known by the prime magus.  For an item that is always on, the effect must have a permanent duration factor.
b) +5 for an item that casts a spell
c) +5 for every charge the  item stores to cast spells
d) +5 for an item that regains 1 charge every sunrise, moonrise, etc (max 1 per 24 hrs)
e) +10 for an item with a perm effect that can be turned on and off
f) +5 for every plus 1d6 of damage done (max +5d6) requires rank 2 in the sphere that owns the damage type
Example: How to create a Holy Avenger Longsword
1) materials - going with a prime 2 effect (charging the sword with prime fire to get this ghostly white flame tongue that will also hit spirits), so the material has to be something prime-y, magick-y.  I decide to go with Orichulum.Somewhere, the prime magus gets his hands on 10 gold bars.  Then, he finds a master matter mage and does some favor for the matter master to get the gold refined down into an orichulum and then formed into a longsword blade.  He even pays off the matter mage to permanently enhance the blade to make it sharper (+ to damage) and better balanced (+ to hit)
2) skill - Prime 2 Charging with Prime 1 min/lvl (DC 10) - make that spell perm (DC +15)  - bonus prime fire damage +2d6 (DC +10) - ability to turn the fire on and off (+10) = DC 45
3) Quintessense - my prime magus has to spend months collecting 225 quintessence in the form of Tass
4) my prime magus spends 45 days puttering on this sword after collecting all the quintessence and materials.
5) At the culmination of all this work, my 12th level prime magus with a spellcraft of +24 spends 2 quintessence to add +10 to this roll - raising his roll to +34 and he needs a 45.... so, 11 or above and he succeeds and has a nifty new magickal sword.  If he fails, the 45 days of ritual work are lost as well as all the time collecting the tass... as well as the 225 tass.