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Spirit 1 - Sense the Invisible World
Attuned to the spirit world, a magus may see through the Gauntlet, read auras, and discern a spirit's touch on fetishes, possessed fold, etc.. The visions she percieves depond on her affinities:  a skeptical humanist notes complex astral patterns, while a shaman sees the heart of Nature, and a Necromancer views the Underworld.
Spirit 2 - touch Ghosts / Shift the Gauntlet
For a brief moment, the magus may move, strike, or carress something in the spirit world; with effort, he can call across the Gauntlet attracting nearby Spirits.  While the Guantlet still keeps the magus from crossing over, he can thicken or thin the Gauntlet.
Spirit 3 - Shadow-Walking / Rouse Spirits
Stripped of worldly trappings, the magus steps into the Spirit World.  His body and posessions become ephemera, but glow with living light.  The shaman may cross unencumbered' clothing or bulky gear add to the difficulty of the spell and really large items cannot be brought across at all.  His arts, however, allow him to build ephemeral tools and weapons if he has the skill to construct them normally.  Such items last for 1 day/level as a base duration and then fade away.  With a loud cry, the magus may rouse or lull a powerfull spirit.  All things have a spirit, even an item.  An item that has had its spirit roused works both on the material and spirit plane and carries an affinity for it's owner that a sleeping item cannot match.  By lulling a spirit, the magus can permanently rob a fetish of its power.
Spirit 4 - Rend Gauntlet / Bind Spirits
By tearing a hole in the Gauntlet, the magus opens a way for his friends; a similar spell builds a wall between worlds.  By binding a spirit to an object, the magus can create a fetish, bind a familier, or inspire possession; by reversing the effect, she can free a trapped spirit or exorcise the possessed.
Spirit 5 - Forge Ephemera / Void-Walking
A spirit master may create new realms, refresh a spirit's power, imbue and empty body with a soul, gift another with the ability to use magic or permanently destroy a maus ability to use magic.  Destroying another's ability to use magic is called the Gihgul, and such an act permanently marks the caster in the eyes of all other magi; no one will ever trust the magi again, and many mark him as an enemy.  A more introspective magus may leave the Earth behind and wander into the Void.