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Time 1 - Whispering Hours
Before you can sidestep time, you must comprehend it.  An apprentice acquires a precise sense of time.  Other folks understand hours; he understands minutes, even seconds.  With minimal effort, he can measure relative time - time spent in Faerie Realms, the Spirit World, Horizon Realms, etc.  The magus also notices time fluctuations caused by Time Arts, temporal rifts, or otherworldly shifts.
Time 2 - Prophecy & Hindsight
Prophecy is the time arts greatest legacy.  Though inexact, future sight allows the magus to plan his next move.  Likewise, the magus learns to scry into the past.  By concentration on a person place or thing, he may snatch glimpses of that subjects experiences in that location only.  This rank also allows the magus to thicken time around himself, basically time countermagic.
Time 3 - Spinning the Wheel
Now the magus can command time itself, slowing or speeding it at his will.  This secret allows the sorcerer to speed his own actions or slow another's; or contract time around an object while the rest of the world keeps moving.  Faerieland, where one day can pass as a year, is a famous example of this.  Used offensively, these spells must hit their target,
Time 4 - The Endless Moment
A powerful Seer, can literally stop time; an arrow may halt in flight, and a drop of water may hang in mid air.  The area is limited, but the effect is strong.  Combined with Entropy 3, the it can "trigger" a spell when some circumstance occures, combined with other spheres, it can hang a spell to trigger after a certain time passes.
Time 5 - Plucking Shiva's Bow
The master of time may remove items or people from one point in time and replace them elsewhile.; step out of time and view the world as a collection of statues, or pull himself through time to disappear and reappear rounds, minutes or days later.  Travelling back in time is beyond the power of this rank.
Special Time Rules
Base Haste = 1 extra action per round for 1 rnd/lvl
Base TimeStop (Time 4) = 1 round per level in a 20ft radius *no "frozen" subjects can be effected
Base Time Sidestep (disappear and reappear later) (Time 5) = 1 round per level
Base Hindsight (Time 2) = 1 minute per level
Base Precognition (Time 2) - 1 round per level "remember without connection 2, only the present location can be percieved"