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Smith's Bluff / Gray University

(Santa Barbara, CA)
 Name Smith's Bluff
 Type Colonial Town
 Founded by Mix
Industries Education
 Leadership The Colonial Rangers
 Law Enforcement The Colonial Rangers
 Army The Colonial Rangers
 Noteable Locations
 The Boarding House The largest hotel in town named after "May's Boarding House."
 Smeckels & Beld Gray University's legal counsel
 Rafferty's Gunsmith The gunsmith factory that produced the original Tommy gun
 The Church of Smith's Bluff   Catholic Church - Father Liam Collins
 Dr. Taft's underclassmen bar named for the crackpot scientist who was one of the town founders
 The Apothecary Private Club.
 The Saloon The town's original saloon.  Bar.  Off limits to cadets.
 Smith's Bluff Masonic Lodge     German Fraternal Organization
 Sitgreaves Booksellers     a large bookstore that also trades in rare books
 Blackwell Vineyards small village near the Laughing Crow village run by a verbena, red-light district, produces amazing wine
 Master Kama's Japanese Hereditary Swordsmith who lives in town
 Tessie's Dojo the town's fight club, on the site of the original town jail
 Orchard Lake mountain lake and resevoir for the town
 Laughing Crow Village     The Laughing Crow Tribe have their village on the shores of the lake.  They trade in horses.
 Gray UniversityThe University is situated between Smith's Bluff and the lake.
 Iron Dragon Railway Station 
 Kurt's Biplanes & Airfield 
 Jade's TeaHouse center of the town's chinatown
 Jeckel's Uniforms     Taylor with Factory that provides all the cadet uniforms
 Jethro's Bicycle Shop and Garage provider of fine bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles

 NPCs - Gray University Staff
NPCs - Gray University Cadets
NPCs - Laughing Crow Tribe